10 Things You Might Not Know About Mativ

The specialty materials we produce impact people’s daily lives all around the globe. From healthcare to transportation, our customers depend on our expertise to make their products safer, stronger, and better. Here’s a look at 10 things you might not know about Mativ and our family of brands.  

1. Our cable tapes connect the world.

Cables are all around us – from those that bring internet and electricity into our homes to those that transfer energy from offshore windfarms – and they all require tapes to protect them from the elements. Our Scapa cable tapes are used in cable installations around the globe, including fiber optic cables across North America, oilfield umbilical cables in the Gulf of Mexico, and the world’s longest high voltage sub-sea power connection at NorNed in Norway. Pretty cool, right?

2. There’s a 45% chance your car uses one of our filter medias.

Did you know there are generally four types of filters in a gas-powered car? Our Gessner automotive filter medias help vehicles last longer, run more efficiently, and increase maintenance intervals. In fact, many of the technologies, luxuries, and safety features found in your car – from air conditioning to touchscreen entertainment – rely on specialty materials manufactured by our Mativ brands.

3. Our film overlays block up to 99% of UV light.

UV protection isn’t just about sunscreen and sunglasses. Over time UV light can damage the film protecting signs and graphics, making them discolored and hard to read. Weatherable polyester and polycarbonate from Tekra blocks up to 99% of UV light which reduces the yellowing of the film and extends the ink vibrancy, ensuring graphics and signage remain visually pleasing for longer.  

4. We’ve been in the dressing room of every Stanley Cup championship team for more than 20 years.   

The unsung hero of the ice, Renfrew Pro™ is trusted by hockey players from the junior leagues to the National Hockey League and is an official supplier to Hockey Canada and USA Hockey. Hockey not your sport? No worries! Mativ’s impact extends beyond the hockey rink, including printed sports jerseys using Coldenhove dye sublimation technology and tennis rackets constructed with Itasa release liners.

5. We are the only extruded film producer to manufacture on three continents.

Why does this matter? Our Argotec films, which we manufacture in North America, Europe, and Asia, are a critical component in the production of composite materials that used in a variety of industries including construction, automotive, and aerospace. For example, when glass is bonded together with Argotec interlayer film – in a process known as glass lamination – it can create a composite that is blast-, bomb-, and weather-proof. The resulting glass composite provides both optical clarity (meaning you can see though it) and UV stability (meaning it’s resistant to discoloration).

6.  You can pick us up at the grocery store.   

Well, not exactly. Have you ever noticed the mesh bags used for oranges, garlic, or even a frozen turkey? Chances are that’s us. As a leading netting manufacturer, our Conwed nettings are used in a wide array of applications, such as produce bag netting, display case liners, and the protective sleeves you may see on a bottle of wine or olive oil.  

7. We have you covered from floor to ceiling.

Our netting, films, adhesives, and nonwovens may hide behind the scenes, but they are essential for building and construction applications. For instance, our vapor sealing and adhesive solutions from Scapa Industrial can be found in house wraps, electrical wiring, drywall, and flooring. While Conwed nettings are used to reinforce textiles, fabrics, and fibers found in carpet cushioning, mattresses, and furniture, and more.

8. We created the first-ever 100% recyclable packaging tape backing.

Made from FSC® certified, sustainability sourced wood fibers, Recycotape® can be used as packaging tape and easily recycled as pulp. Additionally, we offer a diverse range of solutions to lower the impact on the environment, from the cellulose-based Dispersa® labels designed to disperse in water along with any imprinted graphics to the Neenah Environment® Mailer that is made from 50% post-consumer waste and is curbside recyclable.

9. We make sure the sticky stuff can unstick.   

Imagine opening a package of bandages, only to realize the bandages are stuck together. Itasa release liners – found in daily products like bandages, stickers, painter tapes, and more– protect sticky surfaces until you are ready to use them. On the industrial side, release liners are used in the composite manufacturing process to prevent materials from sticking to its mold.

10. Our expertise dates back hundreds of years.

The Mativ name may be new, but we are not. Did you know our Coldenhove brand began in 1661? Or, that President Abraham Lincoln used Southworth paper to accept Stephen Douglas’s invitation to a series of debates in 1858? Our teams use their deep expertise to innovate and find material solutions, whether it’s solving a complex global challenge or making everyday life a little better.

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