Ethics and Compliance

Code of Conduct

Mativ is driven by a strong set of values rooted in respect, integrity, accountability and service. Together, these values drive us to solve our customers’ complex challenges and enable us to be successful in the markets in which we compete.

The Mativ Code of Conduct reflects our commitment to our people, values, and partnerships internally and externally. It governs how we make business decisions and outlines a set of standards that facilitate safe and lawful operations.

Full, translated versions of our Code of Conduct are available below.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Further supported by our values, our Supplier Code of Conduct reflects our commitment to doing business with honesty and integrity. This Code outlines the minimum standards Mativ requires our suppliers to comply with as we do business. This is in addition to complying with all applicable laws and standards.

Terms and Conditions

Mativ’s Terms and Conditions govern Mativ’s contractual relationships between our companies and our customers. The Terms and Conditions outline the expectations surrounding pricing, payment, delivery, special orders, and more. 

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Mativ’s Purchase Order Terms and Conditions outline the expectations surrounding the purchase of goods and services, including price and payment, changes to an order, packing and marking, and more. 

Transparency in Supply Disclosure

Mativ has a deeply rooted commitment to ethical behavior in everything we do. To this end, modern-day slavery has no place in Mativ, our contracts, or our supply chains. It is an invidious, exploitative crime that preys on the vulnerable and those who do not have a voice. As a global corporate citizen, Mativ recognizes its responsibility to address and mitigate the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking in its operations and supply chains.

Sustainable Forestry Policy

Mativ is committed to delivering products to customers that match their expectations, as well as procuring forest risk commodities (namely timber products and rubber) sourced from legally harvested and well-managed forests. This commitment is our responsibility to our customers, employees, and stakeholders, and it is a cornerstone of our broader sustainability strategy

Human Rights Policy

We have an obligation to respect and promote human rights in all our business activities. More importantly, it’s the right thing to do. It is crucial that Mativ employees feel valued and have a safe and inclusive work environment.

Italian Whistleblower Notice

Our clear commitment to consistent compliance with human rights, laws, regulations, environmental concerns, and internal guidelines includes a willingness to prevent and punish misconduct. To comply with the Italian adoption of the European Whistleblower Directive Scapa Italia, has established a procedure for making those reports under the Directive.

Full, translated versions of our Italian Whistleblower Notice are available below.

ESG Tear Sheet

We are committed to a proactive approach for managing our ESG activities and to reporting on our progress and long-term strategy. We are building out the management of our ESG program by looking forward as one Mativ, with a goal to be of service to our enterprise business strategy.

2023 Mativ Annual Report

2023 was a pivotal year for Mativ. Each decision and action was a critical step to transform our company into a more agile and focused enterprise. One that is primed for growth as a global leader in specialty materials. Eighteen months into our transformation journey, we are in a strong position to achieve our ambition, providing specialty solutions that have material impacts on our world everywhere, every day.