Supporting Hockey Heroes Everywhere

How Mativ Makes Material Impacts in Sports

Mativ’s specialty materials supports hockey heroes everywhere – including the Stanley Cup finals.  

Imagine this: The clock is counting down. Blades cut across the ice. The clash of hockey sticks reverberates through the air like thunder. The pressure is on.

When nerves are tested and anything can happen, there’s one constant that holds strong every time – Renfrew Pro™ Hockey Tape.

Renfrew Pro, a Mativ brand, has been an unsung hero on the ice for decades, supplying quality hockey tapes of every Stanley Cup championship team for more than 20 consecutive years. It’s just one of many examples how Mativ-made products make material impacts across the sports world.

Top choice for hockey athletes

The town of Renfrew, Ontario – home to just over 8,000 people – is the birthplace of the National Hockey League (NHL) AND Renfrew Pro hockey tape.  Since 1980, hockey players from the junior leagues all the way to your favorite National Hockey League (NHL) team have used Renfrew Pro on their sticks and equipment.

Hockey sticks are constantly evolving, from the all-wood construction of the 1980s to today’s composite one-piece stick. That is why “we develop Renfrew Pro hockey tapes in close partnership with the professionals,” said Lani Mulder, Sales, and Marketing Coordinator at Renfrew Pro. “It is this ongoing dialogue with the teams and athletes that drives new product development.” 

As the only hockey tape licensed to use NHL branding, Renfrew Pro hockey tape also supplies both the U.S. and Canadian national hockey teams. Renfrew Pro hockey tape has been a proud supporter of many social causes because we believe hockey is for everyone. For example, in 2022, Renfrew Pro designed and manufactured a tape as part of HDA (Hockey Diversity Alliance) and Budweiser Canada’s #TapeOutHate campaign. The campaign launched on January 8, 2022 with $1 from every roll of tape sold going directly to HDA to help eradicate racism in the sport.

Beyond the rink

Mativ’s impact on sports extends beyond the hockey rink, from printed sports jerseys that use Coldenhove print and transfer paper technology to tennis rackets incorporating Itasa release liners as part of the construction process. Even Renfrew Pro is expanding into other sports, such as football, soccer, volleyball and weightlifting, with its athletic tape used to wrap wrists and ankles.

Next time you see someone getting taped up for a game or putting on their sports jersey, there’s a good chance Mativ is at work supporting your favorite athlete.

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