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7 Surprising Places You Can Find Mativ in Your Vehicle

A lot has changed in the automotive industry since Henry Ford introduced the assembly line in 1913. Modern cars are now equipped with once unimaginable technologies, luxuries, and safety features — many of which rely on Mativ’s specialty materials — from air conditioning to touchscreen entertainment systems. Here’s a look at seven ways Mativ impacts your vehicle.

Vehicle illustration depicting the ways Mativ impacts your vehicle.

Exterior components

1. Windows

Windshields and side windows keep bugs on the outside and prevent you from getting wet during rainstorms. They are also made with glass composites that use Mativ’s Argotec thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film for optical clarity, UV protection, heat resistance, and durability. Argotec’s edge seal film protects the glass edges from chipping during installation and prevents moisture penetration that causes edge fogging.

2. Surface protection

Ever notice an unexplained ding or paint transfer on your car? The protection films from our Tekra and Argotec brands can shield your car’s paint job from UV damage, abrasion, chipping, chemicals, and everyday wear. If your car has a sunroof or a panorama roof, it likely uses one of Mativ’s glass protection films as well. Our protection film portfolio includes eco-friendly options that use post-consumer recycled materials and can stand up to the sun, weather, wind, and temperature extremes.

Internal components

3. Automotive filters

Did you know there are generally four types of filters in a gas-powered car? There are three types of liquid filters to remove unwanted particles from fuel, oil, and transmission fluid. Plus, air filters in two places: an air intake filter to stop dirt and debris from entering the engine and a cabin air filter to eliminate unwanted odors, allergens, and mold. Our Gessner brand produces automotive filter medias which help cars last longer, run more efficiently, and increase maintenance intervals.

4. Seats and carpeting

Whether you are in the driver’s seat or passenger seat, or you’re the backseat driver, Mativ has your back. You can find our Argotec filmsConwed nettings, and Tekra inks in your heated seats, pneumatic lumbar support systems, and seat foam reinforcements — just to name a few places. While underneath your feet, the carpet in many passenger vehicles uses Itasa release liners and Conwed nettings to protect the carpet from everyday stresses, such as dragging, dropping, and pulling.

Electronic Components

5. Wiring and wiring harness

From climate-controlled seats to navigational screens, each device in your vehicle requires its own wiring harness, an assembly of electrical cable connectors and terminals that transmit signals or electrical power across the vehicle. Luxury vehicles, for example, can contain more than one mile of wiring. Our Scapa Industrial tapes are used to secure and protect wiring looms, while our Conwed netting provides protection and flexibility for long wiring.

6. Batteries

Electric vehicles (EVs) are shaping the future of transportation — and batteries are no exception. Our Tekra films can replace the steel and aluminum components in EV batteries, resulting in a lower battery weight that can extend its driving range and charge time.

7. Touchscreens

Car touchscreens are sensitive surfaces that can malfunction because of scratches and abrasions from daily use or electromagnetic interference (EMI) from devices like cellphones. Argotec’s protective film and Tekra’s EMI shielding films and adhesives protect your car’s electrical devices from abrasions and interference to keep them working like new.

What’s Next

According to PwC, the automotive industry is transitioning to a “connected, autonomous, shared, and electric” future. McKinsey predicts “up to 15 percent of new cars sold in 2030 could be fully autonomous.” This means our automotive customers are constantly faced with new and increasingly complex engineering and design challenges. Mativ will continue to work with our customers to push the limits of what’s possible with cutting-edge technology and innovation.

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