Leading With Our Values

Mativ recently unveiled our Core Values: Prioritize Safety. Be Curious. Have a Voice. Win with Customers. Make It Happen.

If you look at the top right-hand corner of our Mativ logo you will notice a triangular symbol. We call this the Mativ wing. It symbolizes our ambition and forward momentum. “And for 2023,” as our CEO Julie Schertell shared in a recent article on LinkedIn, “it signifies that this is the year that Mativ really takes flight.”

But having a wing isn’t enough to get you off the ground. To fly you need a lift, a force that propels you upward.  Which is why Mativ recently unveiled our Core Values: Prioritize Safety. Be Curious. Have a Voice. Win with Customers. Make It Happen.

These five values are not new to Mativ. They are rooted in the DNA and shared culture of our legacy companies. They articulate who we are and who we are not. Our Core Values support and elevate everything we do as a newly combined organization. They guide how we work collaboratively with our colleagues, our customers, and our communities.

In recently sharing them with our employees, Julie helped explain each of these values – and how they matter to Mativ.

Prioritize Safety

We place the health and well-being of people and communities before everything else.

“We take responsibility to ensure our workplaces, products, and services are safe for employees, customers, communities, and the environment,” explained Julie.

We expect all our employees to go home as safe as they were when they arrived at work. This applies to both physical and psychological safety. “It’s important that every employee can bring their authentic self to work and give their best,” continued Julie.  

Be Curious

We approach every day with an open mind to learn, improve, and grow.

Our ambition to be the unrivaled global leader in specialty materials requires a culture of continuous improvement. “Ask questions. Help us think through options. Build on other people’s ideas,” Julie advised.

Engineering bold, innovative solutions starts with an innate curiosity.

Have a Voice

We speak up respectfully to find the best path forward.  

“We can get to the best solution with a diversity of experiences, insights, and points of view from across the organization,” said Julie.  

It is important that every Mativ employee has a voice in our future.

Win With Customers

We go above and beyond to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Finding the potential in the impossible starts with putting our customers at the center of everything we do. “From skin-friendly adhesives products in our healthcare portfolio to sustainable packaging in our specialty paper division, we innovate around our customers’ needs,” explained Julie.  

By listening to our customers and understanding the industries where we compete, we can proactively identify opportunities for our customers to win in their key markets.

Make It Happen

We think big and move fast to produce extraordinary outcomes.  

Our employees fuel our success by being resourceful problem-solvers who take smart risks.  “What I see every day at Mativ is this great mentality of grit, passion, and resiliency to ensure that we hold ourselves and others accountable for making things happen,” said Julie.

At Mativ, we believe in our ability to control our own destiny and lean into growth.

In just a few short months, Mativ has built a leading global specialty materials company out of two industry powerhouses. But this is just the beginning.  As Julie shared, “What excites me most is what’s ahead – and charting the path for where our rising leaders will take us. I’m eager to apply what we’ve learned boldly and strategically to our organization’s future.”

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