Getting to Know Mativ’s Interns

Interns From Around the Globe Share Their Experiences

Touring our facilities. Engaging with senior leaders. Working on meaningful projects to help solve complex challenges. There are many compelling reasons to intern with Mativ. But what is it really like to be an intern here? To answer that question, we interviewed interns from the United States, Poland, and France to get their perspectives on interning at Mativ.

Meet our interns.

Name: Collin Schneider

Location: Neenah, Wisconsin

Internship Position: Production Planning Intern

Major: Studying supply chain management at the University of Wisconsin OshKosh.

Name: Sylvie Pham

Location: Le Mans, France

Internship Position: Communications and Marketing Intern

Major: Studying communications at IAE Poitiers

Name: Rachel Villier

Location: Strykow, Poland

Internship Position: R&D Engineering Intern

Major: Studying Continuous Improvement and Industrial Performance at the ISMANS CESI Engineer School

Name: Renee Bissel

Location: Alpharetta, Georgia

Internship Position: Digital Marketing Intern

Major: Studying Marketing with a Digital Emphasis at The University of Georgia

What drew you to your internship position?

Collin: I was looking for a position that combines the problem solving and interpersonal communication aspects of supply chain management. These two parts of the job are in my current position at Mativ.

Sylvie: I’ve always loved the communications field. In my role at Mativ, I am learning how to develop the best messaging for our customers and how to communicate with our employees around the world.  

Rachel: I was looking for an internship that allowed me to develop my technical skills and knowledge. In my role at Mativ, I am learning efficient methodologies that I believe will give me a solid base to lead projects when I begin my career after university.  

Renee: I have such a passion for marketing! I was interested in working on the consumer side and interacting with brands like Astrobrights and Southworth.

Describe your favorite part about interning at Mativ.

Rachel: Mativ provides a good working environment by organizing events that allow people to meet and get to know each other. It can be difficult to be in a company as an intern, but Mativ makes everything feel natural. 

Collin: I love the culture at Mativ! I had heard stories from friends and family of internships that weren’t fulfilling due to the lack of responsibility that was given to them. This is certainly not the case at Mativ.

Sylvie: What I love about Mativ is the diversity of the products we offer. This is the first time I have worked in such a large company, and I enjoy learning about markets I hadn’t previously known about.

Take us through your day-to-day.

Rachel: Most days I have meetings about managing my projects, scheduling the next steps for future projects, and brainstorming improvement ideas.

Renee: My day-to-day is so exciting. I get to see my work on the brands’ official pages and that gives me such a feeling of accomplishment.

Collin: My day-to-day generally consists of setting a schedule for the assets I help plan, meetings with coworkers and the operations team, and responding to emails from customer service and sales representatives regarding the jobs on the machine.

Sylvie: The best part of my day-to-day is I can connect with people all over the world.

How has Mativ helped you develop professionally?

Sylvie: This experience has taught me new skills such as communicating with new people, having more confidence in my ideas, and developing curiosity in subjects I’ve never heard of.

Renee: Getting the chance to apply my skills from school to real-life projects at Mativ has increased my marketing knowledge beyond what I could have imagined.   

Collin: I have learned about all aspects of supply chain, paper production, business software, and the general function of a workplace. 

Do you have any advice for future interns?

Collin: Be curious whenever possible, for me it’s been the best way to learn and grow in my role.

Sylvie: Don’t be afraid to talk.

Rachel: Be very curious about how everything works.

Renee: Get as much exposure as possible. By learning what you do and don’t like, finding the right career for you will be much easier.

If you are interested in joining the Mativ team, check out our opportunities for students and graduates.

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