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We Are Mativ

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Today marks the start of our new company, Mativ.   

We are a global leader in specialty materials built on the rich heritages of Neenah, SWM, and all the industry-leading companies and product lines we have added to our portfolios over the years.  

We believe in the potential of what we can do, together, with engineering know-how and manufacturing excellence.  

Around the globe our employees are findings ways to make life better, for everyone, because we understand our materials impact how people live. We believe in creating premium components and solutions that make the world a little safer, a little easier, and a little better every day. 

For our customers, we are committed to your success. We rise to your complex challenges. We are here to transform your brilliant ideas into market shaping reality. We look for the opportunities in every challenge and treat every limitation as a discovery waiting to be made. 

We push the limits of what’s possible. And then we do it again.  

With operations spanning four continents, we have the global scale to deliver exactly what our customers need, when and where they need it.   

Wherever you are, we’re right there with you, ready to help support you as you grow. 

We are innovative.  

We are collaborative.  

We are passionate. 

We are Mativ. We find the potential in the impossible. 

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