Macro view of a prism dispersing sunlight splitting into a spectrum

Welcome to the COLLABORATE Blog

Macrophotography of colorful waterdrops

Imagine buying bandages that didn’t stick to your skin. Or buying a car where you couldn’t see clearly through the windshield. Or installing an air filter in your house that didn’t collect dust or allergens.  

At Mativ, we understand that ordinary things can have an extraordinary impact on your day-to-day life.  

That is why we are introducing the COLLABORATE blog.  

Our mission is to deliver engaging articles, videos, and podcast episodes featuring subject matter experts from our family of brands. They will provide insights and behind-the-scenes views of the engineering innovations that enhance the products you use every day, from automobiles to premium packaging.  

We will also share stories of our employees and our customers making a difference in our communities.  Because we understand that our work isn’t just about what we make.  It’s about what we make possible for our families, for our communities, and for businesses around the globe.  

Together, we can find the potential in the impossible.  

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